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War and Resistance

posted 30 Mar 2011, 09:50 by Admin uk


 War and Resistance is a translation of the Swedish book Draksådd, originally published in 2004. It offers a Marxist analysis of the most important wars of the past hundred years; examines the role of UN, civil disobedience and many other failed attempts to stop war. And as a contrast explains why other forms of resistance to war have been successful.

The book starts in Scandinavia at the beginning of the 20th century, goes through the two world wars, including resistance in concentration camps, then goes on to the conflicts in the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East, Vietnam and East Timor, and ends with contemporary wars in ex- Yugoslavia, Africa and Iraq.

Contrary to expectations after the collapse of Stalinism in 1989 this subject remains as relevant as ever, most recently in the light of renewed imperialist intervention in Libya. We will regularly publish chapters from the book, starting with the introduction today.

The authors of the book are Kerstin Alfredsson, Jonathan Clyne, and Lena Ericson Höijer, all longstanding activists within the Swedish Labour Movement. They would appreciate any comments about the book.

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