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"Yet again IMT" conjures up "another act"of the "revolution in Iran"

posted 26 Jun 2010, 02:01 by Admin uk   [ updated 26 Jun 2010, 02:11 ]

Another article on on Iran makes absurd claims. Below are comments on this from activists inside Iran.


And we should add "Yet Again IMT lies scandalously". Take a look at the material:

"On June 12, on the first anniversary of the rigged presidential elections, another act of the Iranian revolution was played out. Yet again the masses of Iran took to the streets"

I don't really know what I can say to the writer about his "imaginary" revolution. What he claims is just a big outrageous lie. Mr. Alizadeh says:" Tens of thousands of young and old Iranians took to the streets to show their resistance against the regime" but he immediately continues "The size of the demonstrations was unclear"! His estimation is so amazing.

One can ask that where did these "masses" take to the "streets"?

Mr. Alizadeh, according to his miscellaneous reliable reports, says:

"…A few people were filming the demonstrators from the rooftops of their homes around Imam Hossein Circle when three officers arrested them and captured their phones and cameras"

As you see, a few people (Masses!) had been filming and chanting slogans from the rooftops (Streets!) and just 3 officers could arrest them.

The writer uses another report, by an eyewitness, which explains that:

"In Seaadat Aabaad a wave of people are demonstrating in front of security and plainclothes forces."

Wow! I was influenced! Keep in mind that Sa'adat Abad is a rich and well-off restrict, full of petit bourgeois and bourgeois people. The most important feature of them is their cowardice and conservatism. You can hardly find someone in this region that has thought about the social problems of the poor and the workers.  In other words, they have never been engaged in social and political activities in a serious manner. At first, they took part in the "peaceful" demonstrations (The Silence Demonstration), distributing Green bands and Musavi's posters; but when the situation got harsh, they became absent, chanting slogans from their flats.

I don't know why Mr. Alizadeh doesn't try to come to Iran for joining this revolution and observing the truths.

Arman Pouyan

And let me add another point: There no HOME around Imam Hossein Square! they are just shopping centers. aha, there is also a very big mosque around that square! Shops in Imam Hossein are very expensive, I can not believe that the owner of a 500 thousand dollar shop (or some time 1 million dollar), would go to the roof and chant against the regime!
Sinaa Paazooki