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posted 28 May 2010, 15:17 by Admin uk   [ updated 29 May 2010, 00:21 ] has begun to abandon its assertion that Iran is in the throws of revolution. Now Iran is apparently gripped by a lull. They argue that this would not have happened "if there were a revolutionary leadership".
Can we expect the same about turn in relation to Kyrgyzstan and Thailand, or maybe that will also take a year?


The "Marxist" analysis of AW for all over the world is as follows: By observing few demonstrations he
calls for the revolution. Then after few months when it is blatantly obvious that he has cried wolf, then he talks about the "lull" period!!!

After the famous article of  AW on “Iran: The revolution has begun”! (and slogan of Constitute Assembly which he abandoned later) Jordi decided to write another article. But unlike AW he consulted with Iranian comrades night before he wrote it. When it appeared in IDoM on 23 June 2009 I wrote him the following letter criticizing previous article (AW’s masterpiece)

23 June 2009 10:08

Hi Jordi
I read the article today. It was very good thanks.
Following our chat yesterday, it is very important that we do not create false impression about the coming REVOLUTION. It is far from it (there is no leadership and workers have not participated fully).
From this point of view your article was very clear in comparison to previous articles on the site.

The question of Constituent Assembly can of course become a central slogan, but at the moment it is not related to present consciousness of masses, as the issue of the masses is returning to election results
and having democratic election. Even at this level this issue cannot be achieved without workers participation. Workers participation can be registered and play a leading role ONLY if they organize strikes NOW. So our main central slogan should be around Strike just now. We have to prepare them for it. We will be writing an article on this issue now. Many articles are necessary (historical experiences).

Our comrades are having discussion with some leading workers. But if this does not happen soon (may be in a week or two) unfortunately the repression will prevail. But the experience will stay on for the next stage............