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Half a million march in British TUC cuts protest

posted 1 Apr 2011, 07:35 by Admin uk   [ updated 1 Apr 2011, 07:54 ]
London saw the biggest trade union demonstration in British history on Saturday 26th March.

 The Trades Union Congress brought at least half a million people onto the streets to protest against the Conservative-Liberal Democrat (ConDem) coalition government's cuts in public expenditure.

Only the anti-war demo in 2003 was bigger, with well over a million.  So much for the end of history, the disappearance of class struggle. And after Saturday so much for the death of trade unionism. The biggest lesson of the day was that once the trade union leadership gives a lead it can unleash a mass movement.

The task now is to ensure that this is the start not the end of the campaign.

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