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Declaration on IMT Greek web site dissolving themselves

posted 24 Feb 2010, 10:26 by heiko khoo   [ updated 29 Jan 2011, 10:56 by Admin uk ]
<<Declaration of electoral support to SYRIZA and becoming members of
the "Coalition of the Left, of the Social Movements and of Ecology"
(this is the expanded name of SYNASPISMOS, Synaspismos means
Coalition- Doros)

Those participating in the political movement "Marxist Tendency", held
a meeting and decided:

The dissolution of our Political Movement.

The critical support to SYRIZA at the coming critical for the working
class and the Left electoral confrontation.

To continue to fight, as members of Synaspismos, for the victory of
socialism in Greece and Internationally on the basis of defending the
principles and ideas of scientific socialism which were our guiding
lights up to today.

The monthly paper Marxistiki Foni will become a
periodic review contributing to the defence of Marxist theory and the
editorial board will be open to every socialist fighter.

To become members as individuals of Synaspismos, on the basis of
complete acceptance of party discipline.

Our readiness to learn from the common activities with the comrades of
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