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Letter on Iranian explusion from ex-IMT member

posted 13 Mar 2010, 00:28 by Admin uk
More experienced left activists will see through the arguments used by the IMT's leadership against its Iranian section. The story about exposing two Iranians living abroad is just not logical. Once someone in exile starts to carry out solidarity work whether by writing an article, making comments on the web, picketing an embassy etc. they will inevitably come to the attention of the security forces of a country like Iran. As I understand it, these comrades had been quite open in their political work and were active on the IMT's public websites. Thus all this talk of the IMT's Iranian Section acting like a police informer is a complete smokescreen. And all these accusations about putting these comrades lives in danger is just plain ridiculous.


But why would the IMT's Iranian Section even refer to these two people who I understand were not members of their political group but just IMT members in the countries they live in? From what I have heard, the IMT leadership in preparing to pushing out the independent-minded Iranian section were trying to gather together any Iranians they could find so that they could claim that there was a split in the Iranian Section or at least that it was only a partial loss of comrades. This was exactly the same tactic applied in Spain. For months, the IMT leadership secretly conspired with a small group of Spanish comrades against the democratically elected leadership of the Spanish Section. Discovery of this was one of the main factors that accelerated the split with Spain and convinced them to leave the IMT. When the other Latin American comrades heard of this it opened their eyes to the undemocratic nature of the IMT leadership.


So you can see that the IMT leaders have been carrying out all kinds of manouvers behind the scenes. They are doing this because they are not willing to tolerate an international composed of equals. Their model of an international is based on the myth of the world party inherited from the Communist International. In such an organisation, the international centre has the right to intervene in any national section, suspend or expel people. The IMT make a big song and dance about not having expelled people in the last twenty years. The reason for this is that by treating comrades who question their rule or raise political differences as enemies, they have usually been able to make these comrades life so difficult that they leave of their own accord. Often this happens in such a way that comrades in the rest of the international only get to hear that so and so has dropped out. When people ask why, they are usually told that the comrade was tired, demoralised or some other bullshit excuse.


The significance of the current crisis in the IMT is that it is the first split to happen in the full glare of online communications. As we shall soon see, the IMT leaders will not be able to get away with the usual diet of false accusations. For the first time the victims of their actions will have the right of reply. Thus the democratic mask that the IMT leaders wear will be torn away to reveal the intolerant and authoritarian characters that they really are