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TUC March For The Alternative Report from a teenager

posted 27 Mar 2011, 08:26 by Admin uk   [ updated 27 Mar 2011, 08:36 ]

TUC March For The Alternative  

   by Ryan Bygrave 

I am a 14 year old school student. Today I attended TUC’s March for the Alternative, my first march. My mother is a member of Unison trade union. My father joined the labour party at the age of 17 and has always been a dedicated socialist. He wrote for a Socialist newspaper, The Militant. He was on the previous largest union organised march (as well as many others) and he accompanied me today. As my Mother works for the NHS she has already experienced first hand, the damaging blow of the cuts. I followed the student protests very closely and was very inspired by the uproar from the student community over the rise in tuition fees. If the government continue with these cuts, I fear that this will have a detrimental effect on my further education and my ability to find work. The cuts are hitting hard on training schemes, therefore making it a lot harder to get a job.

I wanted to go to March For The Alternative today to stand and be counted, against the Con-Dem government. I wanted to be part of the half a million strong crowd to show my anger and frustration with the government and how they are planning to deal with the deficit. Today there were more people than I have ever seen before, all marching for a common cause. Men, women, children, whites, blacks, Asians, pensioners and disabled people all filled the ranks for our march on Hyde Park. Despite heavy police presence, people walked with great confidence. The general mood of the march was like a carnival. The deafening roar of vuvuzelas showed the positive and vibrant mood of the march. Past Trafalgar square, many protesters changed the scene of this historic monument. The lions of Nelson’s column were surrounded by many thousands of singing protesters, completely changing the iconic location of London. The weather started off quite warm along the embankment, reinforcing the positive mood of the march, however as the day went on the heavens began to open. Yet even not rain and wind could dampen the hearts of the workers united! In Hyde Park there were a variety of speakers, however I believe that Dave Prentis was the most effective of the speakers. He made it clear how the rich and the bankers were to blame for this deficit and that they should be the one’s paying for it. Also he was the only speaker that managed to touch on the future. He described what was next for the movement. He said that marches shall continue and grow and strikes will begin to appear nationwide. Talking about what was next was something Ed Milliband failed to touch on.

Today’s actions have inspired me to see the next chapter in the working class’s struggle and I shall definitely be attending the next march.

Overall I believe that today was a success. It sent out a clear message, the British working class shall not stay silent. They shall not mindlessly go along with something that is so blatantly unfair to the working class and above all, they shall not be stopped.