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More on the setting up of a faction

posted 1 Mar 2010, 03:28 by M MacDonald   [ updated 1 Mar 2010, 03:31 ]
by Chris Borges, USA

I do not know what the current IS-IEC position is on the IBF, but I 
surmise from the circulars sent out regarding the International 
Bolshevik Faction, that they take a negative view towards it, mainly 
on the grounds that it has not been set up in the proper procedural 
manner. The IS would prefer that the IBF would have exhausted all 
other methods through the «traditional democratic structures», and 
sees the Faction and its tools as deviations from traditional Marxist 
traditions. In my opinion nothing could be further from the truth. 

On the point of using the traditional methods, I would say that the 
IBF is still making use of these channels, side by side with its own 
methods for organisation and communication, so to say that the IBF has 
abandoned the organisational structures would be a false statement. 

Though the IBF has declared itself and come into being without the 
approval of the IEC or IS, we thought it better to declare the fact 
that we are a Faction and begin the struggle as we see it in earnest, 
out in the open. Had we not done so we would have been accused of secret 
factional activity. It is not the place of the IS or IEC to mandate 
the formation of a Faction in anyway. As a Faction in a democratic 
revolutionary organisation, it is our right to exist, and our right to 
use the modern tools of this age to communicate and organise. 

Regarding our tools for communication, there seems to be a hysterical 
campaign to paint us as unwilling (or willing) saboteurs of the IMT, 
because not only have we used methods that circumvent the leaderships 
hold on information and the process of debate, but because we have put 
the work of the IMT in «serious danger». The IS has not expounded upon 
this accusation, except to chide us for having accidentally invited 
people that are no longer within the organisation. This could have 
been prevented by the IS setting up an intranet site well in advance 
of the events of the past few months, where the necessity of such a 
tool was painfully apparent, a site where they could verify 
membership. We have done our best to vet everyone who has been given 
access to, but without support from the IS and all the 
national sections confirming membership, mistakes will be made. In an 
ideal situation, the IS would be handed control of membership of the 
Intranet site so that it could make sure that no one is given access 
without the proper membership credentials. 

We remain loyal to the IMT as a wonderful revolutionary organisation, 
and have formed this Faction so as to improve it, not destroy it. From 
our documents so far produced (which have yet to be released to the 
wider membership through any of the official channels), one can see a 
clear commitment to democracy, transparency, and the organisation 
itself. Even if comrades object to our methods, and even our ideas, 
they can't help but see that we have no mal intentions, and should 
engage us in political debate at every level, on every issue. That is 
how a revolutionary organisation keeps itself healthy and functioning 
in a proper manner. 

I encourage Comrades opposed to our ideas and methods to challenge us 
in the arena or rational political debate, rather than hysterics and 
name calling. 

   Chris Borges