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Pakistani Resolution on International Collaboration

posted 23 Mar 2010, 16:46 by Admin uk   [ updated 6 Mar 2011, 09:02 ]
Comrade Manzoor preparing to speak to the Congress 21 March 2010 Islamabad

Resolution on International Collaboration

This congress of Pakistani Marxists extends fraternal greetings to all
members and former members of the IMT, and fellow Marxists around the
We invite you to enter into correspondence and collaboration in the
spirit of the ideas of the Communist Manifesto in order to realize the
unity of the workers of the world.

Agreed by the Congress of the Left Opposition of the Pakistani Section
of the IMT.
21st March 2010
Islamabad. Pakistan

Please write with any questions, concerns and issues you would like to discuss.

Revolutionary Greetings.


Sajjad Mehdi
Ch. Manzoor Ahmed
Atif khan