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IMT official reply to allegations of rape at their Karachi school

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Halt the provocations!
Support the Pakistan Marxists!

In the last weeks a new attack has been waged against The Struggle,
the Pakistani section of the International Marxist Tendency. This
attack is aimed at some of our most prominent members, comrades who
have been actively involved in leading positions in the mass movement.
The launching of this campaign of slanders and fabrications is no
accident, and nor is its timing. It has all the hallmarks of a
deliberate provocation.

The perpetrators of this provocation have been promoting the idea that
a crisis in the section has erupted and a large number of members have
resigned in Hyderabad, Kashmir, Karachi, etc. There is not a single
word of truth in this.

The most disgusting aspect of this campaign is the allegation that a
female comrade of the Pakistan section has been “gang-raped” (!) at a
Marxist school. It is further claimed that this alleged act was
carried out by some leading comrades, and that the leadership of the
section had covered that up.

These slanderous allegations have been widely circulated in public and
semi-public forums by a few former members of the IMT and its Pakistan
section who have publicised them by the usual tactic of mass spamming
to undisclosed recipients, on Facebook and postings on some leftist

All these accusations are baseless and false. They only have one aim:
to undermine and destroy the Marxist Tendency.
Two worlds
There are two worlds. They are so different that they might as well be
two planets. And one world has no knowledge or understanding of the
The first world is comfortable to live in. In this world a man can sit
before a computer screen and live in a virtual world of “revolutionary
struggle”. He can do this all day, every day because he has nothing
else to do. In such “struggles” no shots are fired and nobody is
killed or injured. It is a comfortable sort of “revolutionary
In this world small groups, frequently consisting of one or two sad
individuals, constantly spy on other, similar, groups. They study all
the minutiae of what is said and written (but not what is done,
because they never actually do anything). They comment, discuss and
gossip – above all, gossip. They assiduously spread the latest gossip,
no matter how outrageous. In such circles, this is what passes for
“revolutionary activity” – which is no activity at all.
Then there is another world. It is the world of countries like
Pakistan. Here the revolutionary struggle takes place on a quite
different level. Very few people sit in front of computers because
they cannot afford them. They can scarcely afford bread. Very few
people read what is published on Facebook because many people cannot
read at all.
In Pakistan, the revolutionary struggle is fought for real. In this
struggle, people are killed every day. People are arrested and
tortured by the police. People are killed by American drones and
murdered by the bosses agents or religious fanatics. The struggle
between political parties is often conducted with fists and guns.
In addition to physical violence and actual assassination, there are
other weapons: slander, lies, intrigues and character assassination.
Corruption is yet another weapon. Corruption exists in the developed
nations also. It can be seen in American elections. But nothing in
Europe and America can compare with the level of obscene corruption in
Pakistan’s political life.
In Pakistan everything is for sale, not just discreetly, in the
corridors of power, but openly, blatantly, and in the public market
place. Members of parliament change parties in exchange for vast sums
of money. The possession of public office is regarded only as a means
of plundering the people. There are no real corruption scandals
because corruption is accepted as a way of life.
The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), which grew on the basis of the
1968-9 Revolution, is really two parties. On the one hand there are
the millions of workers and peasants who vote for the PPP and stand
for socialism, and hundreds of thousands of loyal Party members who
stand for the same thing. On the other hand there is Zardari, one of
the richest men in Pakistan, and the right-wing clique who control the
leadership and are in government.
These two parties are at war. The right wing Zardari clique has
completely sold out to big business and US imperialism. It is corrupt
to the marrow of its bones. It is carrying out a vicious anti-working
class policy. It is privatizing everything in the interests of the
capitalists. It is presiding over falling living standards and daily
power outages. It is collaborating with the USA. And it is hated by
the workers and peasants.
The workers and peasants of Pakistan have no alternative but to fight
to defend themselves. This is not a matter of choice. The workers of
Britain or the USA are facing hardship. But the workers of Pakistan
are facing actual hunger.
Despite extremely difficult conditions, there have been many strikes.
And in many cases these strikes and protests have been led by members
of the Pakistan Section of the IMT. This has enraged the PPP
leadership, which has been waging war on the Marxist Tendency for
years. This one-sided war was intensified when Zardari came to power.
This latest attack is just one more example of this.
1) The story of “gang rape”

The story of gang-rape is a complete fabrication from start to finish.
In the first place, we wish to point out that the female comrade who
our enemies are targeting in this malicious campaign is a respected
leading figure of the Pakistan section who is currently leading our
women’s work in Karachi.
The comrade was completely surprised when she heard about this story.
She indignantly denies that any part of this atrocious tale is true.
As a matter of fact, she is enjoying her revolutionary work with the
leading comrades of Karachi and regularly attends Marxist Schools.
She was present at both National schools held in 2011, though she had
to travel a long distance and had to spend from her meager income. Her
pictures can be seen in the reports of those schools.
Actually, the National Schools this year were a big success. Not only
was the participation huge but the level of discussion was very high.
A member of the CEC of the PPP was present at our National school in
Multan. He attended whole school for three days with pen and paper in
his hands, listening to lead offs by comrades half his age. He made
only one intervention in the school in which he said that if these
schools happened at the time of his youth, things would have been
different now. Actually 50 percent of the youth at the Marxist school
in Multan were below 20 years of age.
Another important feature of the National School is the meeting of the
National Women Bureau. For last 2 years we have been regularly holding
3 national meetings of the NWB every year: one at the Congress and 2
along side the National School. This has helped to advance our women
work, especially the cadre building of women comrades is being
focused, which is giving good results.
We will not reveal the identity of this comrade out of respect for her
personal dignity and honor, unlike our enemies, who did not hesitate
to give details about her in public, knowing that this would do her
harm. We have in our possession a letter in which she emphatically
denies that any such thing occurred.
The first thing to note is that these allegations are UNSIGNED. The
second point is they are COMPLETELY UNSUBSTANTIATED.
The alleged victim has sent us a signed statement denying that the
alleged offence ever took place. She writes the following:
“Hello comrades!
“The story of gang rape is totally manufactured by enemies of IMT. I
seriously condemn this act and declare that I am enjoying
revolutionary work with leading comrades in Karachi and elsewhere. I
also want to declare that it is a daunting task for women here to
participate in revolutionary work. It is a common practice here to
spread rumours and scandalize comrades.
“Enemies of revolution are using mean tactics to destroy our work. I
condemn all this and vow to continue my struggle for the emancipation
of working class.
“With Bolshevik regards,
[Signed] 18/2/2012”
This letter should make all those who participated in this vicious
campaign, helping to circulate such lies, hang their heads in shame,
if they have any shame left – which we doubt.
2) The “witnesses”

What about the “witnesses” cited by the accusers? The key
“witness” (the female “comrade I.”) has sent us a signed statement
saying that her alleged statement is false and a malicious invention.
She has written the following:
“Dear comrades,
“As I informed on 17th February by comrades that Zafar Imam wrote an
email in which he wrote a statement about me that I had been eye
witnessed of a gang rape happened to a female comrade at Karachi
School in December 2010. When I saw my statement in e-mail I was
completely shocked that how Zafar can wrote that statement about me
without asking me? I want to tell you that I with my husband and other
comrades of Hyderabad went to Karachi school which was so highly
educational experienced for me.
“I need to tell you, that night no any such incident happened at
school. Zafar has blamed highly dirty and cheap allegations on
organisation and comrades. I am going to tell you about the location
of that hut where the school was held. There were two big rooms, one
corridor holding grand lawn. One room was allotted for female comrades
and more than 100 comrades used to sleep rest of the hut.
“As you know that after sessions in evening comrades organize social
gatherings in which comrades singing, dancing and enjoying with each
other, however that night all comrades were also present in the lawn
and making discussion. I and more than 20 other male and female
comrades were there in exciting mood. After a moment comrades of
management made an announcement that all comrades go to their room and
get sleep, because next day we start last day’s sessions early in the
morning and many comrades have to sleep in that lawn and then we all
females went to our room making discussion till late night and gone
“How can such incident (gang rape) happen in a place where about 200
comrades gathered? And how can any comrade act like that? Zafar Imam
who made a fake and dirty statement about me. He was participated many
organizational events and activities with his sisters and wife, and
never such any incident happen to his family and now he is alleging on
comrades. It can be judged this cultural, political and ideological
level from such allegations he created.
“The main point is that he was not present at the school because on
the 3rd December there was a reception of his own marriage in his town
Shahdadkot. And as he mentioned that I resigned from organizational
membership is not true. I am still active member at my branch in
Hyderabad Area. I am taking part in all organizational activities and
recently we organized an Area Marxist School in Hyderabad office.
“I request to the comrades don’t consider such information by these
people, who one making fake propaganda against IMT and Pakistani
Section. [Signed]” (our emphasis)
This letter speaks for itself. It presents a truthful account of what
really happened at the school. It also points out that the individual
making the accusations was not even present at the school where this
was supposed to have occurred. The statement claims she “resigned from
the organization in disgust”. In fact, this comrade never resigned and
is playing a very active role in the organization.
From this it is abundantly clear that there is not a word of truth in
all these accusations.
Another "eyewitness" named in the "report" is comrade Tahir, an ex-
member of the organization. He has told us the following:

"It is pointed out that my name is badly used as witness in the bogus
story of "rape case" in the Marxist school at Hox Bay Karachi on
4/12/10, which [is] launched by ex angry member of The Struggle
comrade Rashid Lughari. Moreover, I left behind all political
activities of The Struggle as a past stories... it is request to all
comrades of the IMT Pakistan section: please don't believe on such
bogus references.

“With best wishes Tahir Biag"

Among the innumerable falsehoods and inventions, the “report” states
that “the Gulab Leghari area dissolved itself” in protest at the
“expulsions”. This is completely without foundation. We have a letter
from the Regional secretary of Sindh, including the list of membership
of Gulab Leghari sub area, with 35 names.

Finally, the "report" talks of Amjad Lakheer mentioning the so-called
gang rape the day after in the plenary session. This is also false. In
fact, this comrade was not even present in that school. We have a
signed statement by him confirming this.

In other words, the alleged victim completely denies that any such
incident occurred, and this is firmly backed up by all the witnesses –

With this totally unfounded slander, our core work of cadre building
is being targeted which shows that this is the result of serious
planning of our enemies. By circulating this manufactured story of
“gang rape” our enemies want to sabotage our important activity of
National School. If such rumors are put in circulation and gain
credence, it will be very difficult to get more women to participate,
as a result of pressure from parents, husbands, brothers etc.
Those who manufactured this story know just what they are doing.
Anyone who knows anything about Pakistan society knows that it is
extremely difficult to get women to participate actively in a Marxist
organization. Thanks to the tireless and self-sacrificing work of our
female comrades we have made good progress in our work in this
important field, although there is a lot more to be done.
The timing is also no accident. The attacks are taking place at a time
when we are focusing on our preparations for the 2012 congress. With a
big rise in fares and other commodities it is a lot more difficult for
comrades with meager incomes to attend congress this year. This
unscrupulous attack by our enemies is nothing else but a desperate
effort to sabotage our congress.
3) More lies: The JKNSF
Another lie that is put in circulation is that the Marxists have “lost
control of the JKNSF (Jammu Kashmir National Student Federation)”.
The allegation that the JKNSF has been hijacked by nationalist
elements and has gone out of the influence of International Marxist
Tendency is baseless. The realities on the ground are quite the
opposite of what is being presented by this dishonest propaganda. As
recently as December 28th, 2011 the JKNSF held its central convention
in Rawalpindi, with the participation of more than 2000 students and
The convention was not only attended by the leadership of the JKNSF
but leadership of many other student organizations was also present
there. These include: Tariq Afghan (President Pashtoon Student
Federation), Zubair Baloch (Senior Vice President Baloch Student
Organization), Saqib Farooq (Chairman Publicity Board Jammu Kashmir
Peoples Students Federation) and leaders from many trade unions.
This convention was an important milestone in the history of student
politics of Kashmir and Pakistan, as representatives from progressive
student organizations of all the provinces and nationalities attended
it and a serious debate on the ideas of Marxism started within
different organizations after it. This will help spread the ideas of
revolutionary Marxism within wider layer of youth in the future.
The Central Leadership of the JKNSF was elected unanimously in the
convention. The average age of this leadership is not more than 20
years and majority of them are studying at various colleges and
universities. Hence, for the first time in the history of the JKNSF, a
real students' leadership has not only came forward but was elected in
a purely democratic and transparent way.
After the convention, an alliance of progressive student federations
with the name of "All Pakistan Progressive Youth Alliance" was formed,
and the ex JKNSF president, comrade Amjad Shahsawar was elected as its
organizer which shows that our student work is a role model and
inspiration for other progressive student organizations.
A few days ago, the anniversary of the death of Maqbool Butt, a hero
of the Kashmir independence movement, was celebrated by the branches
of the JKNSF, not only in Kashmir, but in various cities of Pakistan.
Marvelous rallies and seminars attended by hundreds of students were
organized in Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Bagh, Rawlakot, Sandnoti and
Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi.
Right now the JKNSF is the only student organization in Kashmir active
in the struggle for solutions to the common problems faced by students
and youth. Central President JKNSF comrade Rashid Sheikh visited whole
of Kashmir in January 2012, when he arranged meetings and a serious
debate on organization building took place.
The slanderers are basing themselves on the fact that a couple of
former activists of JKNSF left us because they wanted to have the new
president’s position. However, the young comrades refused, not just
because of their over age which is nearly 40, but because of their
sabotaging activities against IMT, carried out at the behest of
Manzoor Ahmed and co. One of them, Shoaib Sham had actually left JKNSF
many years ago.
As usual, disgruntled elements who abandon the Marxist movement feel
the need to blacken its name in order to justify their desertion. But
we do not need the company of deserters who go over to the ranks of
the class enemy. They are very welcome to them.
4) Our revolutionary work
Because of our work in the PPP and labour movement the leadership of
PPP and Peoples Labour Bureau (the PPP trade union wing) is worried
about the growing influence of the Marxists. Let us just cite a few
recent examples:
Also, on the death of Nusrat Bhutto, mother of Benazir Bhutto and wife
of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, we organized a condolence public meeting in
Malir, Karachi from where we contested general elections in 2008. This
public meeting was organized from the platform of committee of
ideological workers inside PPP.
It was a successful meeting in which die-hard workers of PPP openly
spoke against the leadership. Also we are holding study circles of
leading members of youth and student wings of the PPP in Karachi‘s
most dangerous areas.
Due to these activities our comrades in Karachi received death
threats, first from MQM and later by Peoples Aman (Peace) Committee
which is an armed gang propped up by the PPP leadership.
Our position against the alliance of the PPP with the MQM (a neo-
fascist party) is attracting many workers towards us.
On 5th January in Hyderabad press club, we celebrated the birthday of
PPP founder ZulfikarAli Bhutto with veteran Communist leader Jam Saqi
as chief guest. This was organized on the platform of the ideological
workers inside PPP. Similar activities are being held in Gulab Leghari
and many other cities of Sindh, which is considered as the strongest
base of PPP. (ZAB and his family is from Sindh). This is annoying not
only the local leadership of PPP but also the top leadership.
On the trade union front, the PTUDC is getting a lot of influence in
trade union movement. The nationwide tour of the PTUDC leadership was
a big success.( )
From Malakand in the North to Karachi in the south comrades travelled
to all the big cities and proletarian centres and held successful
public meetings, conventions, rallies etc. The important thing is that
many major trade union leaders not only participated under our banner
but expressed complete solidarity with us.
The CBA unions from OGDCL (the Oil and Gas Company of the Pakistan
government.), CDA Islamabad, Railways, WAPDA and many others showed
their appreciation of the work of the PTUDC and vowed to join our
A successful labour conference in Islamabad recently was also a big
blow to opportunists in labour movement and PPP( )
A few days ago workers of hospitals in Islamabad won a big battle due
to our participation in the struggle. Our comrades were playing key
role in nurses union while other comrades were inviting trade union
leaders from other key sectors who made speeches there and supported
this movement. (
WAPDA, the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority, was created
in 1958 as a Semi-Autonomous Body for the purpose of coordinating and
giving a unified direction to the development of schemes in Water and
Power Sectors, which were previously being dealt with, by the
respective Electricity and Irrigation Department of the
Provinces.WAPDA is the key department in Pakistan not only
strategically but also because it has the largest workforce. Hydro
union of WAPDA is the largest union in Pakistan and is leading the
largest federation Pakistan Workers Federation and confederation.
In the last week of December 2011 a national public meeting of Hydro
union was held in Hyderabad in which its central leadership was
participating. This meeting was called to denounce the current policy
of the government to privatize WAPDA and break it into smaller units
at regional levels. Hundreds of workers were there. The central
leadership, as always was giving no concrete strategy and was
confusing workers. In the meantime with the efforts of PTUDC comrades
in Hyderabad, comrade Paras got a chance to speak. Actually this
happened due to the efforts of our comrades from the Jamshoro Power
Station branch. Jamshoro Power Station is also being privatized along
with 8 other Power Stations in Pakistan.
Comrade Paras took a strong position and said that we should go on
strike against this and, if necessary, we should switch off the
electricity of the entire country against this policy. This made the
workers jubilant and they took Paras on their shoulders. After that a
resolution was passed from the platform, that if government will not
end its policy of privatizing WAPDA we will go on strike and
eventually will switch off the electricity of the entire country.
The Central Leadership of WAPDA was quite embarrassed.
There are many other incidents where our comrades have done marvelous
interventions in trade union movement.
In the Steel Mills in Karachi our influence is growing. Our comrade is
joint secretary of the CBA and is fighting against the policies of the
union leaders and the PPP government. Also we have set up a new branch
among young workers of the Steel Mills.
In Lahore, we are reviving the tradition of Arif Shah, which is
creating panic for the industry owners in North Lahore. Young doctors
are also very active against Punjab government and have won important
battles which resulted in a huge increase in their salaries. These
days they are on strike against a fake medicines scandal of Punjab
government. YDA, Young Doctors Association is actually our brainchild
and led by our longstanding comrade Dr. Aftab who is currently
Information Secretary of YDA Punjab.
In Rahim Yar Khan, the PTUDC is leading the labour movement and we
have branches and comrades in Unilever, Coca Cola, FFC etc.
In Nestle, Kabirwala, a big struggle was recently launched by the
workers against the management in which trade union leaders were even
sent to jail. The PTUDC played a key role in defending the rights of
the workers.
Another industrial hub is Taxila, Wah where we have made good
advances. In Pakistan Ordnance Factory Wah we have won leadership of
CBA and are holding regular study circles.
In the Railways we are also advancing. We have 3 branches in Railways
in Rawalpindi, in Peshawar we are leading both the unions in Railways
(labour union and workers union), General Secretary of Labour union
Peshawar Railway is CC member (Railways minister is also from
Peshawar, who is threatening our comrades). in Multan and Khanewal we
have one branch each in Railways, in Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Rohri,
Quetta and Karachi leading union leaders are members of PTUDC and org.
May day 2011 in Quetta was held on Railway Station.
5) Who is being attacked?
The main target of these calumnies is the alleged victim of “rape”
herself. Those who invented this story are well aware of the serious
consequences for such things in Pakistan. This is a cynical attempt to
disrupt our work among women, which will not succeed in its objective.
We have already published her reply above.
The other targets are leading members of the Section, starting with
comrade Riaz Lund, a courageous class fighter with a proven record of
years of revolutionary struggle. Comrade Riaz played an important role
in some of the moist significant struggles of the Pakistan working
class, including the victory of the PIA and Karachi electric supply
workers last year, which enormously boosted the influence and stature
of the IMT amongst the workers.
Our enemies cannot forgive Riaz Lund for getting 46,080 votes in the
2008 elections - the highest ever vote for PPP in that constituency.
Comrade Lund achieved this in struggle against the neo -fascist MQM.
Yet after the elections the PPP leaders formed an alliance with the
MQM. This has infuriated the PPP rank and file in Karachi, which is
Pakistan’s Petrograd.

The other leading comrade being attacked is comrade Paras, who has
also played a leading role in the struggles of the workers in the
recent period. In 2011 there was a big movement of workers in the
Karachi Electric Supply Corporation KESC in which comrade Paras and
others played a leading role.
The speeches of comrade Paras played a key role in keeping the
movement alive for many months. Thousands of workers gathered in sit-
ins for many weeks and in strike etc. always listened to comrade Paras
with interest and carried him on their shoulders after his speeches
raising revolutionary slogans.
In a speech at a sit in on 14th August 2011(Independence Day of
Pakistan) when all the leadership of the Karachi PPP was sitting on
stage, comrade Paras first of all criticized right wing parties and
then openly criticized the anti labour policies of the PPP government.
He said that workers will take revenge on Gilani and other leaders who
are betraying the founding principles of the PPP. Nearly 10,000
workers present at that time chanted revolutionary slogans in
jubilation. But the PPP leadership was annoyed.
No we have an active branch of most militant and leading workers of
KESC. All this is casing alarm in the upper ranks of the PPP and the
trade union bureaucracy. That, and no other, is the reason why they
are trying to spread poisonous attacks against leading Marxist
militants of unimpeachable honor.
6) What is the reason for this attack?

It is difficult for someone who is used to the relatively civilized
standards of a western bourgeois democracy to comprehend the methods
used by the PPP bureaucracy, which is closely enmeshed with the
Pakistan state. The levels of intrigue go far beyond what would be
considered normal even for the most corrupt and degenerate
bureaucratic leaders in the west.
The Pakistani state has noted the successes of the Marxist Tendency,
and Zardari and the right wing PPP leadership has been trying to
orchestrate a covert campaign to damage the organization. He tried to
do this first from within through treachery and deceit. He bought the
services of Manzoor Ahmed for this purpose. But the organization
defeated these attacks and intrigues.

Zardari looked for a weak link in our leadership and found it in
Manzoor Ahmed, whom he bribed with the offer of a high position in the
Party, following his election defeat. We have already given full
details of how this was done. At first, Zardari attempted to use
Manzoor to bring the Marxists under control. But this tactic failed
and Manzoor was compelled to leave the organization with a small
handful of people whom he had corrupted with offers of jobs, contracts
or promotion. This so called ‘drama’ was orchestrated and staged with
the sponsorship of the Pakistani establishment.
Since that time, the main activity of this renegade, apart from
pushing Zardari’s privatization campaign, has been to undermine, split
and destroy the Marxist Tendency. For this task he has been provided
with plush offices in Islamabad, manned by well-paid stooges. Their
sole activity is to spy on the Marxist Tendency, infiltrate it to
undermine it from within, organize splits etc.
They assiduously gather information about any internal problems and
gossip about comrades’ personal lives – anything that can be
“recycled”, magnified, exaggerated and turned into black propaganda
and slanders. They systematically recruit people with grudges,
egotists, careerists who feel they have not been sufficiently promoted
and so on, whom they use for organizing intrigues and provocations.
7) Who is making these allegations?
We have seen the names of the people who (publicly) are behind the
allegations. We know these individuals very well. They are former
members of the Tendency who left for a variety of reasons and have a
deep grudge against us. They are partly motivated by spite, but also
have allowed themelves to be manipulated by hostile elements who are
pulling the strings from behind the scenes.
a) As far as Adil Khan is concerned he left the organization, seduced
by the offers made to him by Manzoor Ahmed. He was present in many
open activities sponsored by M.A., paid for by the funds doled out by
Kashmir Government.
b) Zafar Imam from Sindh writes a column in Sindhi newspapers almost
daily. Because of this, a few people started to know him, which has
filled his intellectual ego with a lot of hot air. Due to “pressure”
from his readers he changed his position on the National Question and
PPP work. He has openly criticized IMT in his columns. Also, he told
comrades in Hyderabad that because he is now a famous person, they
should not ask him to buy paper, pay subs or attend meetings. Comrades
should meet him only through his columns.

c) Dr. Harish was a full timer (4 years ago) but withdrew from that
after a failed love affair. He is presently working as a doctor of
psychiatry and works in 3 different mental hospitals at different
times. This means that he has been unable to carry out his
revolutionary duties satisfactorily. This comrade’s record shows that
he is personally extremely unstable and unreliable.

Dr. Harish is also general secretary of Left Unity - a group of
various NGOs and sects in Sindh, and sponsored by ISI. Comrades
opposed Harish accepting this position but he couldn’t resist, due to
his weak character and opportunistic tendencies. He is always the main
speaker in gatherings of this organization.
Ironically, only a few months back Zafar Imam and Dr. Harish were
bitter enemies of each other and were not ready to work with each
other. They made serious allegations against each other. Now they have
joined together to attack the Section. It is not the first time we
have seen such a thing, nor will it be the last.
d) Xulfi and Rashid Leghari are both declassed youth who benefit from
a bit of higher wages from Zafar and Harish. Neither of them have paid
their subs for last 2 years and they were not attending official
meetings. They were not only ridiculing active comrades but
threatening them if they did not agree with them. They were in regular
contact with lumpenproletarian elements of students federations of
Nationalist parties, who are infamous for kidnapping for ransom,
target killing etc.

The case of Xulfi (who pretentiously signs himself Xulfi Marxist)
would be funny if its implications were not so serious. His
“activities” were entirely confined to Facebook, where he appointed
himself a “virtual member” of the IMT. For some time he praised the
organization to the skies. Indeed, his praise was so lavish and
exaggerated it was embarrassing. Now he finds himself outside, he has
gone to the opposite extreme. It is hard to say which was worse, his
praise or his calumnies!

Incidentally, according to his own version, he was aware about the so-
called “gang rape” 18 months ago, yet he only began to shout about it
when he was taken off the membership lists. This poses the question:

What kind of a man is it who, being supposedly aware that the leaders
of the organization have committed a heinous crime, not only remained
silent on the subject, but continued to sing the praises of the
organization and its leaders on every conceivable occasion? Either he
is a dishonest hypocrite who is complicit in a crime, or a brazen liar
who has invented a non-existent incident for the purpose of blackening
the name of the organization he used to belong to, because it has
parted company with him. In fact, the latter is the case.

All these dubious elements were approached by our enemies, namely by
Sajjad Mehdi, a crony of Manzoor Ahmed, based in Islamabad. He had a
meeting with them in Hyderabad where they hatched a plan to sabotage
the IMT. We have answered them in successful aggregates in Karachi,
Hyderabad, Dadu, Mirpur Khas, etc.
8) PPP involvement

Our achievements in building the revolutionary movement are well known
to our friends and enemies alike. They are being made at a time when
labour movement in Pakistan is at a low ebb. It is not an easy task to
attract people towards Marxist ideas when they feel betrayed by their
leaders and are in no mood to fight. Comrades have to run after each
and every worker continuously.
The successes of the Marxist Tendency have created problem for Manzoor
Ahmed and his cronies, along with the leadership of the PPP. Please
keep in mind that ex-comrade Chaudhary Manzoor is in charge of Peoples
Labour Bureau nationally – that is to say, he is in charge of selling
the line of Zardari and the right wing PPP leaders to the workers,
above all Privatization.
Even before he came to power, Zardari knew that he would be carrying
out the dirty work of the ruling class and imperialism. He knew he
would face bitter opposition from the workers to privatization and
other anti-working class policies. He knew he would face a revolt in
the ranks of the PPP. How could he permit the existence of a powerful
Marxist Tendency in the Party?
The PPP is under the pressure of the IMF and World Bank to carry out a
big scale privatization, and they are using M.A. to control the labour
movement. However, there is a resistance in the rank and file workers
and the ruling class is afraid that it might erupt somewhere.
In 2011 the strike in PIA is a good example, where workers went on a
strike and demanded end of privatization. Manzoor was appointed by
Zardari for negotiations with workers. However, he failed miserably
and the workers won the battle. Please note that CBA in PIA is the
Peoples Unity, which is affiliated to the PPP through the Peoples
Labour Bureau.
Zardari has always appointed his cronies as president of the People’s
Unity rather than the workers of PIA. M.A. tried to buy workers of the
People’s Unity and ended up with dividing the Peoples Unity in two
groups. However, a majority of workers remained loyal to the strike
which ended in victory. The PTUDC played a key role in all this, as a
result of which the central vice president of the Peoples Unity,
comrade Shoaib, is now a member of our organization and will attend
congress 2012.()
At a time when the PPP government wants to go for aggressive
privatization () they fear a backlash. But from whom they fear? The
trade union leaders can be bought easily, though they may be a little
reluctant due to pressure from below, but eventually they are for
It is from the IMT in Pakistan they feel a real threat. To counter
this threat they have made serious plans. A plush office near
Islamabad has been made available for this conspiracy. That is where
Atif, Sajjad Mehdi along with other employees of the bureaucracy with
fat salaries are working under the leadership of Manzoor Ahmed.
9) ISI involvement

These tactics are very well known in Pakistan. They are the same
tactics that have always been used by the Pakistan Intelligence
Services (ISI) to combat leftist organizations. And we know that the
right wing Zardari clique has close contacts with the ISI who we are
in no doubt the real authors of this strategy. These attacks have got
the fingerprints of the ISI all over them.
Why should the ISI be concerned? The ISI (Pakistan Military
Intelligence) is conscious that there is a growing threat from the
Marxists, especially due to our work in Malakand and Waziristan (the
tribal areas near the border with Afghanistan). We have recently won
50 new comrades in Swat. This area was the ground for a fake war
between Pakistan Army and Taliban.
Two years back Taliban were ruling Swat and were mercilessly killing
common people. We have won these people due to our positions against
the Taliban, the Pakstan Army and US Imperialism: all three. But it is
important to note that comrades working there had to put their lives
at risk by putting these positions. Their lives are still at risk.

Pakistan Army is establishing a cantonment in Swat, while the Taliban
are trying to stage a comeback. In this situation big growth of IMT in
this area is alarming to the ISI.
Similarly we are organizing the labour movement in Bannu, an important
city near North Waziristan, Osama bin Laden stayed in suburbs of Bannu
for a long time. In this city which was constantly under curfew and
where mobile phone service was banned for many years, and where a
blast occurred every other day, we held May Day activity and other
labour union gatherings, when nobody else dared.
In Wana, South Waziristan comrade Ali Wazir is a popular communist.
Actually, when he contested general elections in 2008 he was among
more than a dozen candidates. He is the only one who is alive now.
Our advances in Afghanistan are also a big step forward. We will give
details of that work to comrade A.W when he visits Pakistan.
This is why that our enemies are being funded heavily only for one
purpose: to sabotage the IMT in Pakistan.
You doubt this? But it is not really so surprising. In the so-called
“western democracies” the state and its intelligence agencies pays
close attention to the Labour Movement and to all Leftist
organizations. It is public knowledge that MI5 had at least 30 agents
inside Militant in Britain. In the 1950s the FBI had many more agents
inside the American Communist Party. And more recently it was exposed
that the British police had an agent infiltrated in a Green activist
group for seven years.
If such methods are used by the intelligence services in “western
democracies”, can there be any doubt whatsoever that the agencies of
the Pakistan state would use even more blatant methods to infiltrate
and destroy a large and influential Marxist organization? As for
Zardari and the PPP right wing, their motivation is quite clear.
We will not be defeated by dirty methods!
To be a Marxist in Pakistan is no easy task. We are involved, not in
Facebook politics, but struggling in real life revolutionary work in
extremely difficult and dangerous conditions. On a daily basis we face
beatings, arrest, torture and murder, as well as incredible poverty,
bad housing and all the other ills suffered by the masses in our sorry
country. Despite all the difficulties we have succeeded in winning a
significant layer of the most advanced workers and youth to the banner
of revolutionary Marxism.
This is not a children’s game. Our comrades face repression and danger
every day: from the bosses, who assassinated our leading trade union
comrade Arif Shah, from the state, from the fascist MQM who put a
bullet in the body of comrade Riaz Lund, from the Taliban who issue
death threats every day to our comrades in Waziristan, and from the
hired goons of Zardari and the right wing leaders of the PPP.

People in the West may not be fully aware of the extent of filth,
deceit and treachery in politics in Pakistan. There are innumerable
Facebook and internet organizations claiming thousands of members
whose only aim is to use scandals for the purpose of blackmail and

It has to be stated clearly that the source of the present campaign of
slanders has to be identified in our enemies within the state
apparatus, the PPP, particularly the deserter Manzoor Ahmed whose aim
is to destroy our Pakistani section on behalf of the PPP top brass.

The successes of the Pakistan Marxists are well known – not only to
our friends but also to our enemies. The latter have now joined in an
unholy alliance in an attempt to destroy us. Should we be surprised
that these elements attack the Marxists and use every conceivable
dirty method to blacken our name and sabotage our revolutionary work?
No, we are not surprised at all.

To attack the Marxists is the role of our class enemies. Manzoor Ahmed
and his clique has no paper, no organization, no subs etc. But it has
access to unlimited financial resources. It it is acting as a special
cell of the ISI to counter the IMT. We expect much more brutal attacks
from this source, including physical attacks from them in future.
Already Manzoor has been responsible for getting the police to beat up
and arrest our comrades.

We expect this kind of thing, and we know how to combat it. But what
are we to say about self-styled “Leftists” in London and Stockholm who
spend all their time pouring dirt over the Marxist tendency and
spreading and magnifying the lies and slanders manufactured by the
bourgeois state and its hired mercenaries?

It has come to our attention that certain former members of the IMT
have been deliberately spreading dirt against the IMT and the
Pakistani comrades internationally. Using the hypocritical pretence of
“informing members of the IMT of what has been going on”, they are, in
fact, actively participating in a dirty campaign of disinformation
that has been hatched in Islamabad by the renegade ex-Leftist Manzoor
People who leave the Marxist Tendency who have no principled agreement
on anything, form a bloc to throw filth at the organization to which
they used to belong in the hope that a little will stick. Lacking any
trace of principles or anything resembling a theoretical level, they
are compelled to sink to the level of the sewer, where they can swim
quite happily in their natural element.
These “Facebook heroes” are really insignificant people who are
incapable of building anything, but are quite expert in destroying
what others have built. These individuals represent nothing and nobody
themselves. They would be not worth mentioning, were it not for the
fact that they have become a faithful echo of the most reactionary
wing of the PPP leadership, that wing, represented by Manzoor Ahmed
who has stabbed the workers in the back and are pushing Zardari’s
privatization plans.
It is important that everybody knows the real source of these attacks,
who is behind them and what ends they are pursuing. But these attacks
will never succeed. Our firmness in defence of our Marxist ideas, our
unflinching dedication to the cause of revolutionary socialism is
stronger than ever. The attacks of our enemies only serve to make it
even stronger.

This is not the first smear campaign against us, nor will it be the
last. We condemn all these baseless allegations and appeal to our
comrades in other sections to have complete faith in the comrades of
the Pakistani section who are risking not only their lives but also of
their families for a socialist victory in Pakistan and South Asia.

We protest indignantly against these vicious attacks and slanders, and
emphatically condemn those who are continually putting false rumours
in circulation for their own sectarian and splitting purposes.

No more lies!
No more provocations!
Defend the Pakistan Marxists!
Irreconcilable struggle till Socialism!
Lahore, 20 Feb. 2012
In order to put the record straight we have made this statement. We
undertook this distasteful task without enthusiasm. We are sure that
any honest worker in Europe will be clear as to what this is all
about. In Pakistan it was clear long ago.
As for our enemies, we are under no illusions that will try to
continue their attacks and provocations against the Marxist Tendency.
But we have no intention of responding to any further lies and
slanders. We refuse to waste a single moment more on this disgusting
Carry on with your calumnies, gentlemen! As far as we are concerned,
they will henceforth be met with silence and the contempt they
deserve. We have no time to waste in futile wrangling with sectarians.
We have urgent work to do building the revolutionary movement in
Pakistan and the rest of the Subcontinent."
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