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Witness statements on the Allegation of Gang Rape of a Female Comrade of the IMT in Pakistan

posted 18 Feb 2012, 22:03 by heiko khoo   [ updated 18 Feb 2012, 22:11 ]
 This was sent to us by Zafar Imam and other comrades of the IMT in Pakistan.

Gang Rape of a Female Comrade of IMT in Pakistan, Explusion of Comrades and Related Questions   


In Pakistan section of IMT, recently there has emerged a crisis, which

is direct result of the wrong doings of Pakistani section's


Comrades from Kashmir region, Islamabad and Hyderabad Region of Sindh

Province were expelled during the month of November, December 2011 and

January 2012, without any prior notice, warning or any chance of

clarification. After such bureaucratic decision, many comrades gave

resignations from their basic memberships or gone in-active in

organizational activities.

8 out of 11 CC members of JKNSF were expelled bureaucratically by Adam

Pal on a phone call. L.K and Adam Pal plotted the expulsion. The

militant and hardcore leadership of JKNSF working in the difficult

terrain of Kashmir were expelled because of the differences of

opinion! Is this Marxism or a religion? Is this science or blind

following of Adam Pal and L.K?


After the expulsion of comrades, including comrade Aadil (former JKNSF

president), Shoaib Sham (CC member JKNSF) the position of JKNSF went

very weak in Kashmir. The opposite nationalist group of JKNSF regained

the majority in JKNSF and IMT lost the JKNSF. These bureaucratic

policies of leadership have facilitated the fall of IMT in Pakistan

and accelerated the process of its destruction.


The same happened in Islamabad and Lahore too. Key comrades were

expelled from there too.

Comrade Xulfi Marxist, Zafar Imam and Rashid were expelled from

Hyderabad region of Sindh, and then comrade Haresh's expulsion

followed them. A whole area of Gulab Laghari comprising of four

branches dissolved itself in reaction to this decision, including the

fall of active branches from Hyderabad, Shahdadkot and Ratodero Branch

in Larkana.


These comrades were expelled because they used to ask questions

related to political line of Pakistani section, which is

unquestionably run by one man. These comrades had differences of

opinion on national question primarily, Enterism in PPP,

bureaucratization of organization by one man and many other

undemocratic decisions.


These comrades had another objection over section's top leadership's

role. Three of top leaders were involved in a gang rape of a female

comrade. Organization gave cover to this crime, and instead of

expelling the culprits, they were kept on leading positions. After

whole two years of repeatedly demanding the expulsion of rapists,

instead of punishing the culprits, those comrade were expelled who

demanded explanation of such crime. These were the same comrades who

have recently been expelled.


The leadership of Pakistani section is still in state of denial. Not

only this, but IMT's International leadership too has kept silent.

After repeated appeals for probe, comrades of International section

kept unfriending these comrades from Facebook.

Comrades have now concluded that neither of IMT's leadership is

serious to probe into the matter. It just looks at the matter as if it

never happened. They might be thinking of these comrades as 'some

stupid third world loosers'.


The expelled comrades are given life threats by CC members of IMT's

Pakistani section to 'shut their mouth' otherwise face the

consequences. Evidences of such threats can be produced on demand.

There was no other way left for these comrades, but to write each and

every thing in detail publicly. This became necessary to face the

character assassination tricks observed on these comrades by Pakistani

section leadership.

We are writing this account of the rape incident publicly because

IMT's leadership failed to contact comrades and showed inserious

attitude towards their grievances. Below is the account of gang rape

of female comrade.



Gang rape of female comrade in Karachi

Time: some where between 10.30 pm and 11.30 pm in night

Location of Crime: Karachi Hawks Bay

Related Event: National Winter Marxist School of IMT Pakistan Section

Date: 04 December, 2010


Gang Rapists:

1. PJ ( CC member of IMT Pakistan


2. RL (CC member of IMT Pakistan section)

3. CK (CC Member of IMT Pakistan section)


Victim: Comrade 'F' from Karachi


At the night of 3 December 2010, National Winter School of Pakistani

section was held. At the night of 4 December 2012, just before the

dinner was served, three comrades belonging to national leadership in

Pakistani section got fully drunk and entered the room of female

comrades. There, they molested comrade 'F', belonging to Karachi.

During the gang rape, the incident was reported to top leader of the

section on phone by female companions of the victim, and the leader

called back to culprits to get off and run away. They followed the



At the night after incident and the other day that followed, the whole

leadership of the section was mobilized to apologize from the victim,

forgive and forget the incident. Moral tricks and psychological

pressures were used to calm her down the next day, because ‘the school

would get disturbed’. It was promised to her that strict and severe

action will be taken against the rapists, but she should be silent the

next day in the school.


However, despite such tricks and giving cover to culprits, next day at

morning, the incident echoed in the words of comrade Amjad Laakhair's

contribution. He, in his contribution in the school, condemned the

event and asked for the immediate action. But...........the leadership

kept silent. A criminal silence was maintained. Leadership is still

silent to this day.


Eye Witness: Xulfi Marxist, Female Comrade Ishrat


Evidences: Almost all participants of the school that night, but to

name a few: Comrade Xulfi Marxist, Comrade Tahir from KPK, Comrades

from K.N.Shah Branch, Comrade Razaq Laghari, Comrade Fahad Memon,

Comrade Ishrat, Comrade Amjad Laakhair.


Eye Witness Account by Xulfi Marxsit (as reported):


At the night of 4 December 2012, when I was passing by the female room

in the wing, where comrades stayed at night during Hawks Bay Winter

School in Karachi, I heard the sobbing voice of a woman. A slow

weeping sound of a woman was coming out of room. I hurried to inquire

what is wrong. I first knocked the door, no reply came. Then I opened

the door. I was astonished at the sight of what I saw. Down the bed at

mattress, was lying comrade 'F'. At one side of her was PJ,

fully drunk. On the Other Side of Her was RL. CK was

sitting nearby her. All the three men were fully drunk as I noticed it

from their movements. Comrade 'F' was weeping, she too was drunk. I

saw that P and RL were molesting her, and she was totally

handicapped by them. On the bed was comrade R, sitting and

weeping. When she saw me, she cried and yelled 'What the hell you

people are doing. I am just now calling L.K, these drunk bastards are

molesting her and giving us threats.


Comrade R also forced me to get out and get lost. She was angry,

weeping. I immediately returned back to report the thing to other

comrades nearby and do something.


Eye witness account by comrade Ishrat as reported:


Female comrades participating in Winter School in Karachi were given

separate room for living. My companions in the room were comrade

Raheela, Myself, comrade 'F' and some others. At the night of 4

December 2010, when we had yet not taken dinner, I was still in my bed

in the room. Comrades outside had drunk and were singing, dancing and

crying. During this hoopla, Comrade 'F' entered the room and lied on

mattress down the bed. She was heavily drunk. Immediately after her,

three men entered our room. I could see they were fully drunk and were

not able to talk properly. At first I thought that comrades might have

got some immediate work with us, that is why they have entered our

room unwelcome. But I quickly understood that there was something

wrong with them.


RL opened his arms and stretched them to comrade 'F', who was

lying totally dozed on mattress. He cried in zeal, "I love you 'F', I

love you" and suddenly broke into her bed over her. He was quickly

followed by the other two, who forcefully entered her bed. For me, it

was unbelievable. We resisted and shouted at them to get lost of our

room. But they could hardly listen to us. They kept on molesting

comrade F, who was unable to resist them by force because of her

condition, though she was abusing them to get off her body. I and my

other companion started to abuse them, shout at them and then kick

them to get away from F. This resulted in threat by PJ, who

asked us to keep silent otherwise he will beat us. This was

unbelievable and tormenting.


Before us, comrade F was weeping and abusing them to get away from

her, but neither she nor we were in position to get off with those

drunk monsters.

We started to cry and weep, totally feeling helpless. To whom could we

ask for help? We were frightened from all of the male comrades present

that night in the School. Because most of them were drunk, and who

knows how will they react? Will they too do the same with us? There

were enormous doubts. We were fearful. My companion comrade Raheela

called comrade L.K from her cell phone to report to him the incident

and help us. She could hardly talk to him.


Quickly after she talked on phone, the mobile phones started to ring

and one of the monsters talked on the phone. They then quickly got off

from 'F' and ran away out of our room.

After about half hour of the incident, almost every body in the School

came to know what had happened. Different comrades kept knocking our

door and expressing their grief with us regarding the incident. But to

be honest, we were really frightened. We could hardly sleep that



Post-incident Remarks of some comrades:


Comrade Taahir from KPK: Comrade Tahir was present at the occasion

that night, who witnessed the whole thing. He was a newly recruited

comrade, who had come first time to attend the Marxist school. After

this gang rape incident, he was highly disappointed by IMT and left

the organization. Currently he lives in Kohat. Contact details of

Tahir can be provided on request.


Taahir: It was unbelievable for me to witness such crime committed by

those who preached for a just society. I couldn't believe that the

Marxists could do so? For days, the incident disturbed me mentally. I

could not get along with such organization, where the leadership was

raping its own comrades. At that night, after I knew about the

incident, I wanted to beat the rapists. But somebody told me that they

had escaped from the scene. I left the organization. I was totally



Comrade Ishrat: Comrade Ishrat was a female comrade, who was companion

of the victim that night. After coming back from school, she left the

organization immediately. To this day, she abuses the organization

because it did nothing to punish the rapists. Contact details of

comrade Ishrat can be given on request.


Ishrat: I had seen the rape with my own eyes and I couldn't help my

companion. This feeling of helplessness had torn me apart. From that

night, I can't figure out how those can do such a crime who advocate a

society of justice, peace and free from chains? I simply couldn't

believe my very own eyes that night. I hate those bastards. They were

monsters. I decided to leave this organization, where female comrades

are too much insecure. In fact, they are male chauvinists.


The Moral Trick


After the incident of rape came to surface, first time publicly on

Facebook, comrades were replied with threats of facing serious

'consequences'. One CC member, namely Anwar Panhwar, in branch meeting

of Shahdadkot, clearly gave death threat to comrade Haresh - the

expelled one. After that, such tricks continue to date.


One special trick that Pakistani section leadership of IMT did was:

Why didn't these comrades went public about the gang rape at that time

when the gang rape was committed? Why do they now openly 'allege' on

Facebook and break the discipline of organization? Isn't against the

'discipline' to 'allege' comrades and true 'Marxists' publicly? Why

did they not contact the organization before coming public?


Well, it is hypocrisy at its best in the first place. Why did not the

organization bothered about the rape incident for whole two years?

Why, we ask, did it not take action against the rapists even after

repeated demands of probe by different comrades at different times?

Why, in the first place, did it give cover to rapists and kept them on

the highest possible leading positions of the section till date?


And, what about this advice that the 'discipline' of the organization

should have been followed? To your knowledge, the matter was being

discussed within the organization for whole two years. Leadership

didn't bother to take an inch of step ahead against these culprits.

This moral trick of 'discipline' can not be imposed on the expelled

comrades, because they followed the discipline for whole two years and

kept trying to solve the matter - along with some other political

differences - within the organizational discipline. But when they were

kicked out of the organization, how could they keep silent? Which

discipline to follow?


Further, did the organization itself cared a little of 'discipline'?

From giving cover to rapists to expelling the comrades, it kept on

breaking its own discipline. Why should the expelled comrades now

respect the discipline of a dead skeleton, which has no meaning for

them now?

We now think that the time is over to appeal before IMT's

International leadership. It played the wait and see game for long. It

didn't intervene. It kept itself aloof, as if it was a supernatural

structure resting on the Mars, knowing nothing of the world near it!!


Even then, if IMT's International leadership is a bit serious about it

and wants to probe into the matter, we are ready to provide access to

all eye witnesses and evidences. But in our understanding, we think

that the time for IMT is over. A Marxist organization can not keep

itself aloof from the crimes of leadership of its section. If it does

so, it is accountable to history.

Long Live Socialist Revolution! Long Live the voice of truth


Comrades from Lahore Region

Comrades from Hyderabad Region

Comrades from Islamabad Region

Comrades from Kashmir Region