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Thousands of Polish postal workers use an intranet to link up and help coordinate their work

posted 24 Feb 2010, 05:55 by M MacDonald   [ updated 5 Mar 2011, 03:06 by Admin uk ]
By W from Poland


The postal workers in Poland have an intranet where there are 8 000 workers participating. The postal workers' union affiliated to the OPZZ joined this intranet. They are very successful in defending their platform. They are attacking quite efficiently the bosses of the Polish Post.

I think in many ways the buraucratised union of the Polish postal workers with 27 000 members is well ahead of our own organisation. And it's creating good traditions for the Polish labour movement. I will tell you one thing more. The bosses also have an access to this intranet. But they are too stupid to use it!!! So many times you'd find there postal workers openly complaining about their managers and even posting lists of the most hated managers.... And nothig happens!!! Because the bosses are too stupid and they do not know what is the power of intranet. Also when there is a strike action going on in the postal services the workers are immediately informed about everything through their intranet. And nobody raises any security questions...

It should be noted that the OPZZ workers joined the intranet under one condition - NO ANONYMITY. Everyone has to sign with his/her name and surname and position in the company everything that he or she writes on this forum. This way you avoid personal attacks that cannot be defended.

Therefore I propose that according to the best working class traditions we should absolutely oppose people being anonymous. They have to feel that if they are giving unsound, untrue, irrelevant or insulting information they have to stand for it and be able to defend it