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The meaning of Wikileaks

posted 8 Dec 2010, 14:10 by Admin uk   [ updated 3 Mar 2011, 04:03 ]

“Thus all collisions in history have their origin, according to our view, in the contradiction between the productive forces and the form of intercourse.”
Karl Marx the German Ideology 1845 

With all new eras in human social relations there are points of fundamental transformation. The dominance of global news by revelations from Wikileaks is such a transformation. It will forever change the balance of political power in favour of the majority and against the minority, who, for millennia, have controlled the information flow.  

This control of information meant that ‘knowledge is power’ and that the majority could be manipulated and controlled. Frederick the Great claimed ‘he who knows all the plans of his enemies, need never fight another war’.  

For more than a decade, the promise that the Internet would undermine and weaken the ideological hold of the ruling classes over society, and would shatter existing power relations, remained the preserve of marginal technocratic utopians.  

In the Wikileaks case, perhaps only a single insider was responsible for collecting and making public, an ocean of secret documents and transmissions, relating to the global activities and reports of United States military and diplomatic missions. This act may shatter forever the mystical spell that the very words ‘diplomacy’ and ‘government’ symbolised for centuries.

This is not just about US power, it is also about the mass media on a global scale. Most of the world’s private and state news media are happy to use their insiders to penetrate the private lives of famous people, to expose their intimate secrets for public amusement and commercial gain. However, they barely touch on the massive secrets surrounding the exercise of state, military and corporate power. 

Suddenly news determination and dissemination is no longer under the control of the mass media news editors, but is governed by the release of documents from a tiny impoverished organisation with a single website, which happens to have access to insider leaks.

Governments all over the world are in panic, because US records of conversations and events, reveal the darkest recesses of the diplomatic world. A world characterised by the norms of double-dealing, trickery, deception, betrayal, criminality, terrorism and all pervasive corruption and theft. As this emerges it will systematically destroy the carefully cultivated mirage of respectability, integrity and credibility, hitherto so assiduously crafted by the ruling elites for centuries.

In the early 1990s the United States military introduced the concept of information war as a primary focus of military doctrine. It was premised on the control of information flows through systematic dominance over the enemy’s total electronic spectrum. This facilitated the devastating effects of airpower superiority, displayed in the Iraq Wars of 1991 and 2003 and in the wars in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, at a total cost of over a million lives and three trillion dollars.

Research and application into the extension of command and control over computers and communications in military information policy, facilitated special operations of deception and subterfuge, combined with rapid massive displays of overwhelming force. Shock and Awe was to provide a universal means of eradicating threats from errant states, and erasing the devastating memory of defeat at the hands of Vietnamese peasants in the 1970s.

The development of global communications after the end of the cold war, laid the foundation for the ever-increasing intercommunication of mankind. Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto, saw the railways unify the disparate workers’ struggles into a national workers’ movement, and prophesied the birth of a globally unified international working class.

The exponential growth of communications devices paves the way to reinvigorate old organisations and create new forms of union between people. We are witnessing the birth of new community of those who wish to defend their living standards, change the course of politics, and create a new culture and society to serve the interests and needs of the majority. Over the past decade the organisation of protests and demonstrations migrated towards using the Internet, this has reached a new crescendo in recent months.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is the victim of false imprisonment, enforced in an utterly absurd manner using surreal and spurious charges. The incarceration of Julian Assange comes at a time when sinister threats emanating from sections of the political elite in the USA, call for him to be extradited there to stand trial and others call for his assassination. These are expressions of the utter frustration and impotence of a dying system of rule.

The era of the dominance of secrecy, in diplomacy, politics, military and corporate affairs, is experiencing its terminal demise before our eyes. As the working classes awaken, a vast global army of insiders in every company, army, bank, parliament and palace on earth, will begin to reveal what they know. This will transform the way we see the world and help to build a new one.

Heiko Khoo 8 Dec 2010