Review From Socialism to Capitalism.

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in: Czech Sociological Review, June 2009, Pieter Vanhuysse (ed)  
János Kornai:  From Socialism to Capitalism. Budapest: Central European University  
Press, 2008.  
Ivan Szelenyi, Yale University 
Kornai’s latest volume contains 7 papers written over the past 20 years. The earliest one was a
lecture originally presented in March 1989 in Moscow  (Chapter 2), the latest ones were written
or published in 2005, one of them (Chapter 6) appears in English for the first time in this volume.
The book begins with papers summarizing Kornai’s work on the political economy of state
socialism the rest belongs to the subfield known as “transitiology” in social sciences.
With Oscar Lange Kornai ranks as the most distinguished and influential political economist of
state socialism (or whatever name you want to use for the socio-economic systems, which
existed after 1917 across the globe from Russia to China and which still struggle for survival in
two countries of the world: North Korea and Cuba).