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Correspondence from the Foshan Honda Workers' Representative Committee

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Foshan Honda Worker's Delegation 
Press friends, 

Thanks for your constant concern about our strike. Here is an open letter to the worker's community and the society. Please support our and other workers' efforts in raising our salaries. If you are interested, please contact us. Thanks! 

Best regards, 

Foshan Honda Workers' Representative Committee 


We resumed working contemporarily for 3 days. If the company does not
agree on our terms, we will strike again. 

Under the supervision of Zheng Qinghong, we selected 16 delegates from
the workers and held the first conference with presence of some union
representatives. We require an explanation for the beating, raising
the workers’ and interns’basic wages by 800 yuan, improving salary
system, promotion system and overhaul of union. We also require
company not fire any of the strikers. We resumed working on June 1. On
June 3, we held a conference after restarting working.

Here we call all the workers to stay united despite the fact we have
different opinions. The negation team pays attention to every worker’s
opinion. If one wants to participate in the negotiation, one can join
the team based on the census of other workers. The team will inform
all the workers of all the proposals that it has received from the
company or Mr. Zheng and then assemble worker’s congress. Without
approval from the worker’s congress, any negotiation delegate will not
agree on any proposal that does not meet the abovementioned requests.

We call on the company to show its sincerity in carrying on the
negations with us. We know the company’s enormous revenue comes from
our heavy work. We hope the company can pay attention to the editorial
of Xinhua Agency. It urges the company to set up a salary negotiation
mechanism involving the participation of all the workers, to raise
workers’ salaries in abreast of the company’s revenue growth, let
workers to use their rights. Now workers are working on three rotating
shifts, making it impossible for negotiation delegates to leave their
posts. We require the company give them time to do their duties and
facilitate the assembling of the conferences for all the assembly line

We condemn the general union of Nanhai District and the union of
Shishan Township to publish the fact-twisting letter of apology. It
claimed the workers on strike destroyed workers’best interests and
disturbed the factory’s normal production. The company used every
means to split workers. It even asked schools to exert pressures on
interns. The schools warned the interns that if they did not go back
to work, they would not grant them diplomats. This was the reason that
part of the workers on strike resumed working on May 31. The
abovementioned unions did not only condemn the company but also play
an accomplice. They forced interns to sign guarantees for no more
strikes. We condemn the unions for the side they have taken. We insist
the basic level unions shall be a result of election by the assembly
line workers.

We hope the society can realize that we do not just fight for 1800
workers but for all the Chinese workers. We hope we can set an example
for protecting workers’ rights. We know there are some contract
workers and they are electing delegates, too. We will give them full
support. Meanwhile, we are in urgent need of help of the media and
people from all walks of life!